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Currently, the Raleigh Rum Company distills four unique rum flavors: 
Sweet & Dark Rum, Reaper Rum, Spiced Rum and our premium White Rum.  All of our flavors are distilled in North Carolina and are now distributed in
North Carolina, New York and New Jersey.

Sweet & Dark

750ml l 80 Proof l NC-66706

Sweet, with a dark side.  Our Sweet Dark Rum is aged on American oak to give it a smooth, rich profile after coming out of the barrel, we add a touch of molasses and brown sugar which gives it the signature darkness and sweetness.  Perfect for mixing or sipping.

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Reaper Rum

375ml l 80 Proof l NC-66707

First things first, this rum is HOT! This utterly insale spirit is handcrafted with one of the hottest peppers on earth;  the Carolina Reaper.  It burns so good.  Its the perfect ingredient to spice up your next drink or recipe.  You have been warned.  Next, you will be hooked.

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Spiced Rum

750ml l 85 Proof l NC-66705

Distilled with all the same care of the white rum, our spiced rum takes the additional stop of resting serveral months on the white American oak barrals.  After coming out of the barrels, then steep in the custom blend of spices to create the unique and balanced flavor that won't disappoint.

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White Rum

750ml l 82 Proof l NC-66702

Distilled in small batches in one of our two 53 gallon reflux column stills; our premium white rum comes a made from scratch molasses low wine brewed on site.  It is ten double distilled with a round of oak aging in between the two distillations to create a smooth and rich flavor

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